• Football? Me?! NEVER! Er........well ........

    How on EARTH did this come about ?

    I seem to have become a football supporter. I WATCH football. If you'd have told me a year ago I'd be at the side of a football pitch watching a non-league (or any league for that matter) belt a ball around a bit of grass, and getting excited about it, I'd have thought you were off your head.

    So how ? Why? Picture Framing!

    See, my partner, Neil, is an avid football fan (and by-gone player at some sort of level he's proud of but means nothing to me in the scheme of things) and we've kind of dove-tailed quite nicely together on his interest and my apathy, until one day, Bosham FC who are newly promoted back to County standard, so I believe, were having their clubhouse redecorated because the FA needed them to step up their facilities etc etc.

    Well, Neil, has a bit of interest in Bosham FC and one thing led to another and I was asked to quote on re-framing a real hotch-potch collection of team photos from 1906 onwards. What a jigsaw they were. Broken frames, dusty glass, all different sizes, and types and colours of frames. Clip frames, Woolworths frames, stuff folded into A4 frames. Bit of a challenge.

    Anyway, I managed to get them all framed up in bespoke frames eventually

    I've used all black frames and the double mount has red to pick out the club colours (except the large monochrome piccy). Black frames and/or matching colours look good when you are hanging groups of photos or pictures. I also used acrylic rather than glass from a safety point of view, and the pictures are fixed to the wall and not hung for the same reason. Glass and string don't react very well to being hit by a wayward ball tossed carelessly!

    Anyway, basically I've also sponsored Bosham FC with a few bob and I get a advert in the Matchday Magazine.

    So, last week I was down at the side of the pitch subscribing to the notion that it's all about life and death or so some famous manager once said apparently, and blooming 'eck, they way they go about it, you'd think it was too. You don't get the same passion showing through watching it on the goggle box! it was quite exciting close up.

    I have to say being a small local business, it seems quite a few of my customers were milling around the clubhouse too so it was nice to catch up with a few.

    Kind Regards


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