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Ohhhh... a life on the Ocean wave.... dee-dee-diddle-eedee-dee-dee

By Laura Gray, Oct 6 2014 02:22PM

First things first......Studio 5 won't be open on Friday and Saturday Oct 17th and 18th 2014. It's because I'm going on a cruise ship for the day and staying overnight.

P&O's MV Arcadia. The new one apparently, not the old one.

This 'treat' has been organised by my partner because he wants me to consider getting my sea legs and going on a cruise. He says it's the best thing since sliced bread and would suit me down to the ground. I've told him that I get queasy looking at the ripples in a teacup, and that me and the sea go together like Tom and Jerry but he's determined. Bless him. So, that means on Friday Oct 17th I'll be off having a guided tour of the ship and being treated to lunch on board. He's told me the ship remains firmly anchored to the dock so it's safe ! I'll let you know how it all goes!

Remember those shells I had to frame ? Here's the finished product.

It measures a fairly hefty 73cm square and weighs about 4kg. I used a special cord with a breaking strain of 50kg so unless the house falls down it'll be nice and safe ! The lady was over the moon with it and there's nothing better for me than knowing I've provided great service and my customer feels they have got something special.

Did you see the picture I put on Facebook? Oh... My....God.... it nearly had me in tears looking at it. So powerful. This pastel was brought in this week to be framed, the talent of Kate Passingham, a local artist from Nutbourne, is incredible, looking at it made my hairs stand up on end, and justifiably this is going into a gallery in London. It is such a powerful image. The girl belongs to a tribe in Africa whose eyes are genetically blue. So unusual. My photograph doesn't do it justice.

While I remember, I've had a bit of a clear out in the Studio and put in a nice table and chairs to talk over your framing instead of us all having to stand at that awkward workbench. Soooooo much better.

Kind Regards


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