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What's black when you buy it, red when you use it and .....

By Laura Gray, Jul 8 2015 08:13AM

......... and grey when you've finished with it ?

Summer is here and lots of things has been going on, Nicely settled in at the Wren Centre now, my daughter has just finished her GCSE's and finished school, where did that time go? Year 7 one week, Prom the next... My Son Liam has been rehearsing for his 3rd Summer Play performance since being one of the founding pupils of Chichester Free School. He's in a production of 'Bugsey Malone' this year. Last year they did 'The Evil Headmistress' and 'Snoopy' the year before that.

I usually help out by framing a poster signed by the cast for display in the school and this year will be no different.

So to celebrate the past few family events I'm offering a 15% discount throughout July and August 2015 while School is out.

oh.... the answer to the riddle is Barbecue Charcoal !!

If at anytime in the future I happen not to be in and you have popped by, my mobile number is on the door so don't be shy and please do call and we can arrange a meet up, even at your place if that's convenient. ... or, call me anyway. I'll most likely be in at the advertised times now but if not I'll arrange to meet with you if it's urgent.

You can also send me a message via email, Facebook or Twitter. Always monitoring!

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