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By Laura Gray, Feb 9 2018 02:41PM

So, this guy walks through the door of the sutudio, with the side of a box under his arm, and asks "Do you frame Cardboard?".

Never one to be daunted, and interest piqued, I said "Yeeeeeees".

He then said, "How about this then ?"

I took a step back. "OMG. No. Is that ... is that ... ?"

"Yes" he said.

Turns out that at the 2003 Peace March in London, Banksy provided a few dozen placards of the Bomb Hugger. Most were trampled underfoot, some confiscated by the Met. and some survived. One being auctioned for £10k quite recently. The 'Fragile' part was on the side of the box, so Banksy stencilled around it. I think it's unique amongst the others he produced that day and more poignant.

This chap's Mum was on the March and can be seen carrying this very placard in a Press photo of the time.

I float framed it in a box frame with a black mount to match the deep gloss black of the original.

What a priviledge to frame such an iconic piece of zeitgeist art.

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